RADISOX protects the feet of IVAR CS employees.

Quality custom socks, not just for businesses.

RADISOX protects the feet of IVAR CS employees.

RADISOX – top custom producer of socks form Czech Republic, our new socks are made with active silver ions.

We would like to introduce you our “orange” client  company IVAR CS.

Company IVAR CS is a moder and dynamic company. Significantly affects the sales of installation equipment in Czech Republic, Slovak Republics last 29 years.

This company operates as a sales and technical representative of many European companies. These European companies doing business in water, heating, gas, water treatment and filtration, pumping technology, solar systems, heat pumps, storage tanks, fan coils, air conditioning and recuperation.

It was a great honor for them to ask us how we could improve their comfort during exits and installations, where they move in closed shoes all day. The design was clear and we immediately made a client’s sample of a classic cotton sock with active silver ions.


Do you know why silver was used by the ancient Greeks and Romans? Silver cups, bowls, cutlery prevented the growth of bacteria in food, ships transported drinking water in silver containers, silver coins were inserted into anti-odor shoes, silver objects were thrown into wells and now we also use them in textiles and in our yarn for production. socks.

Silver in a humid environment is antibacterial, acts against the formation of mold, heals small abrasions and eliminates odors. Silver ions interrupt the most important vital functions in the microorganism and without these functions either the growth of the bacterium is suppressed or more often the microorganism is killed. The Ag + ion is not toxic to the human tissue cell. That is why it is very suitable for healthcare or for more physically demanding jobs, where you are imprisoned in closed shoes all day. Athletes and lovers of tourism will also enjoy themselves.

We recommend everyone to try this functional sock and you can contact our RADISOX team directly for advice or custom production.