How it works

Quality custom socks, not just for businesses.

Cooperation methods

Detail of your order
Advice on graphic design
Choice of packaging
Preparation and approval of a sock sample
Production and shipping

Details of your order

Would you like to have custom socks made? Send us your idea and we’ll do
everything we can to make it a reality.

What we need to know:
– What type of sock/knee sock do you prefer (social, sporty or casual)?
– How many pairs do you want?
– What graphics do you have in mind?
– What sock sizes will you be ordering?
– Do you want labels?
– How much time will you give us to make them?
To make the order process easier, please fill in this form.


Consultation of the graphic design

Based on the information or graphic design you send us, we will confirm whether the
socks can be made like that, or will consult with you to modify the design until it is
absolutely perfect and is just what you want.

A graphic design is subject to certain rules:
– The welt of the sock can be in a different color.
– The body of the sock contains a second color.
– The heel and toe must be the same color.
– The motif may contain a maximum of 5 colors.
You can download the template for the GRAPHIC DESIGN here:

Method and choice of packaging

Once the graphic design is ready, we focus on how the socks are to be packed.
We can make you a label (your design – which we’ll be happy to help you prepare) for each individual pair of socks or for 3 pairs.
We can also pack one or more individual pairs of socks into a cardboard box that you design.
If you don’t want any of these types of packaging, we’ll pack the socks in batches of 5 pairs, fastened together with a paper strip.
The application of labels and packaging is included in the price.

Creation and approval of sock samples

We make a sample according to your design, then send you a photograph, after
which we send the actual sample to your address for you to check it. It usually takes
1-10 days to make the sample. We then refine the sample, and can change the
colors or motif as you wish. After final approval of the sample your order will be
added to our production plan.
As it takes time to produce the sample, you will be issued a deposit for its
preparation, which will be returned to you assuming that your order is then placed.

Final production and dispatching

We’re almost at the end.
After the sample has been approved, production takes roughly 2 weeks (although
this depends on the number of pairs purchased and the complexity of the design).
However, before we start making your socks, we issue you a deposit invoice for 50%
of the total sum. We will then start production.
As soon as we’ve finished, you can look forward to your new socks – just select the
transport method you want.
We offer the following carriers: , DPD, DHL and GEIS.

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