Month: May 2022

Quality custom socks, not just for businesses.

RADISOX protects the feet of IVAR CS employees.

RADISOX – top custom producer of socks form Czech Republic, our new socks are made with active silver ions. We would like to introduce you our “orange” client  company IVAR CS. Company IVAR CS is a moder and dynamic company. Significantly affects the sales of installation equipment in Czech Republic, Slovak Republics last 29 years.…
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Vlastní ateliér

We have our own studio!

The long-planned own studio is here! Now we can take photos of the products directly for your needs, so you can display the goods on your e-shop before shipment / production / or, according to the photographed sample, get an idea of the total ordered quantity.

Vše recyklujeme

We care about nature…

From paper, through scraps of cotton to scrap socks, we sort everything….


We have expanded packaging material.

Autumn greetings bring merry socks and the “Send it on” concept Autumn is just around the corner and includes both bright colors and colder weather, which we have to dress more carefully so that we don’t catch a cold. So we have chosen socks as the content for the autumn greeting, which will warm up…
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